About Me!

I’m a Travel/Landscape Photographer.. but basically I’m just a dude with a camera, running around.


Photography for me is a way to capture my experiences while traveling and exploring our planet. A good Foto has nothing to do with a great composition or the perfect Lighting. It creates an emotion in the viewer. A moment of WOW. The feeling you get when you sit at a campfire in the middle of the night under a sea of stars looking up. When you climb a mountain and finally reach the Top and enjoy the view. I try to let my audience feel the struggle of taking that one mindblowing shot, but at the same time transmit the feeling it was all worth it. With my pictures i want to tell a story and broadcast my wanderlust.

I am far away from being near professional with my pictures, but I’m constantly trying to improve and figure out my own style. If you want to take Part in my journey to create the perfect picture, follow my blog where I post all kind of mixed Fotos.
If you are rather interested in Pictures that represent my Style, look at my portfolio.

All of this here…is just about me, Fidel.

My Equipment so far:
Primary Lens
Travel Tripod